Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO 2019

Top 6 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO 2019


Keyword research tools are necessary for increasing the position of your documents or website on the search engines as you can come across the most essential and appropriate keywords for your written document.

Different types of keyword research tools are available some are for free while some might cost you a little. These tools are very well equipped as some of them are also the best SEO keyword research tools.

Not only this, the tools provide you with very creative and unique ideas you can also compare your site with that of your competitors and see which keywords are increasing the ranking of their page.

Some tools also provide an analysis of your keywords so that you know are the most appropriate to use or are they just increasing your word limit. Among various best keyword research tools, we have shortlisted a few for you, which are as follows:

Best Keyword Research Tools for 2019


If you are looking for a keyword research tool that would facilitate you in the blogger than among all the best keyword research tools Semrush proves to be at the topmost position.

Semrush is something that does not restrict itself to keyword research, provides varied options.

First of all you in various keyword research tools you have to add a seed keyword, to begin with, but here you just need to copy the URL of the website and it will show you which keywords are prominent ones that are increasing the ranking of the site.

By doing this, you can find both long and short tail keywords. It is also the best SEO keyword research tool that can generate search engine reports.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool:

It is one of the best keyword research tools that give you detailed information about the keywords along with the difficulty associated in using them appropriately.

Its clickstream data allows you to know how many clicks you might get on the search engines.

This can be very useful as there are a lot of keywords that cover the space but there is a possibility that they do not provide you with the desired number of clicks and traffic, therefore such keywords can be avoided by you.

When you are using this keyword research tool there is no need to use excel as you can create keywords that can be targeted directly from explorer tool’s dashboard. Another quality of the tool is great UI.

Google Keyword Planner:

Finally, after two best keyword research tools, we have brought you the best free keyword research tool Google keyword planner.

It is the one that is used most by the people. As it is integrated with Google AdWords and is absolutely free it is a very popular choice as compared to other keyword research tools.

You also need to have an Adwords account to work on this Google keyword planner, the account can also be made for free.

The tool is very efficient if you have just started working with SEO techniques. It is the best keyword SEO research tool which is available for free.

In case you need a strong analysis and detailed formats that you might need to shift from Google keyword planner.


KWFinder is something that restricts itself to the keyword research avoiding any further widespread options. It is quite recent as compared to other keyword research tools.

It can also be called as the best keyword SEO research tool that is growing at a very fast pace. It helps you to develop very specific keywords that are aimed to highly increase your online traffic.

Question research keyword option can be used to generate long tail keywords. This tool can also be termed as one of the best keyword research tools because it works on two bases one for free customers other for premium customers that pay for the services and thus receive more facilities.


We tend to trust things that are cloud-based because of the large number of features the cloud application performs.

Therefore, another from the best keyword research tools is Long TailPro that is an application of the cloud system or you can say supported by the cloud system.

This research tool is not available for free, to use its facility you have to pay some amount, although it provides with varied and awesome keywords.

Moreover, if you apply for its platinum pack it will allow you to have a detailed analysis of your keywords.

It has a tool known as competition checker, using it would definitely boost chances of getting a more accurate keyword.


Another in the best keyword research tools is SpyFu and is it is also a part of the list of best SEO keyword research tool.

It proves itself to be useful in a scenario where you have a very tight competition and need analysis of keywords.

SpyFu helps you to understand your competitor’s SEO base and also it discovers under-determined or emerging markets.

If you work with SpyFu you which come across a number of modules such as compare Websites module, Keyword History module, Domain History module, Related Keywords module.

It should be kept in mind that SpyFu might not provide you with the depth of keywords you are looking for as compared to the other keyword research tools.

The data of SpyFu keeps on changing on a monthly basis which are a good thing.

It has three plans, two of them are basic for $79 and $99 per month and the company might give you a discount of more than 40% if you take the plan for one year. The other is known as an agency plan that cost about $999 per month.


After looking at the above most popular six keyword research tools we can conclude that some are the best keyword research tools according to their overall functioning while some are specifically listed as the best SEO keyword research tool.

Google Keyword Planner is proved to be good for beginners and is the only one that is absolutely free. There are some others that are free but to use their advanced options you need to enroll for their premium packages.


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