Boost Your Site Engagement Using Polls


In the wishful world you’d want every visit to your website to translate into a sale. However in the real world this is impossible to achieve. But businesses that have been able to monetize their web presence are ones that engage users who come to their website. When you actively engage a user on your website and create interaction between them and your brand you’d be able to achieve better leads and more sales. Without an iota of doubt you must always look to boost engagement on your website. How to do it? Polls have evolved into a wonderful engagement tool that has rewarded businesses that have treaded this path.


Don’t be surprised if you see more of your competitors use polls on their website. This strategy would be paying rich dividends to them. So why are polls a great engagement tool? The reason is simple – polls are interactive and hence catch attention of your users easily. Internet as a medium has evolved over the years. From being a source of information it has become an interactive platform where users constantly like to share their opinions and interact with businesses. When you integrate polls on your website and use them as a part of your content marketing strategy you create that opportunity of interaction between your brand and your users.

Make a Poll in Minutes

The reason more and more websites are using polls as a part of their marketing strategy is because of how easy they are to create and launch. All you need is a few minutes of your precious time using an online poll maker. If you thought to make a poll would involve designing them from scratch or fixing bugs on your codes the good news is that you won’t need to do any of that.

The large selection of pre-designed templates would save you from having to design the poll interface on your website. These templates can easily be tailored to seamlessly blend with other design characters of your website. You will be able to change their size and color scheme and also add your brand name and long to them. Once you have customized the design you need to simply add an open ended question along with a few answers and generate the codes to be published on your website. All this would take a few minutes of your time and you are all set to run polls on your website.

Why Polls Work?

The primary reason behind polls increasing engagement on website is their inherent interactive characteristic. Polls allow your users to share their opinions instead of being a passive consumer of the content that is available on your website. A new user immediately sees something interesting as soon as they land on your website. A detailed blog won’t quite have the same magical pull over your users as polls do. They not only are a great ice-breaker for your new users but also incentivize regular visits to your website.

Polls Work

Each time they visit the website there is something new for them to look forward to. Polls are an ideal way to keep the homepage fresh for websites that have lots of static content which also serves as an added advantage.

Why Make A Poll Using Poll Maker?

There are many incentives of creating polls using poll maker and here are some of them –

  • They are super easy to create and you need not bother about writing codes or designing it
  • Polls created can easily be integrated on a website pasting codes on CMS or c-Panel
  • Lead generation form can easily be integrated into the polls
  • Poll makers have in-built analytics that helps measure the success of polls

Sum Up

when you make a poll you would be able to turn your website into a potent business promotion tool. It will help you in bringing down the bounce rate on your website and encourage users to spend more time on the site and interact with the brand. If you are already running an SEO campaign that is driving tons of traffic to your website having polls adds to the conversion rate. Choose a poll maker and be prepared to draw benefits from increased engagement on your website.


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