Google Mobilegeddon Release For Non- Responsive Website


Google has announced earlier that they will update a release related to mobile compatibility of a website. Now, Release has been confirmed “Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm” on 21 April 2015. This update will affect to the mobile searches, if your site isn’t responsive or compatible with mobile devices, should go for it.

Get Ready to Make your website Mobile-Friendly according to Moblilegeddon

Mobile Friendly Test

Have you seen any of the changes in your search traffic? Did you feel your mobile ranking is drop down? If yes, then probably you are one of them whose website is not compatible with the mobile devices.

  • Page Load speed
  • CSS & JavaScript should be easily crawled by Googlebot

A tool that checks whether your website is mobile-compatible or not
Ensure your website is really responsive or it may have some issue. Google release algorithm time-to-time to make searches better. This time it comes with a mobile-friendly algorithm.

Check out How much your website is Mobile Friendly by taking Mobile-Friendly Test.

  • Visit the above link Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • Paste your website URL.
  • Click on Analyze button
  • See the Results

Or you can visit to Google webmasters tool to find out mobile usability issues.

Did you know mobile searches are growing as far as better?

Recently a report has cleared that people are using smartphones and tablets to search the products and they are spending more time on it. These devices are easy to carry and surf anywhere, around 60% of traffic is generating through these devices.

This is the reason Google is now launching Mobilegeddon ( mobile friendly algorithm ). Now the ranking of the website on mobile searches will depend on how much your website is compatible with mobile devices.


Google has cleared that you should go for a responsive website which must be mobile friendly. If your website is not friendly to mobile or tablet devices and you want to make it after this Mobilegeddon update, visit WorldRankSolutions to boost your online presence. We will give you a completely responsive website that fulfills the criteria of mobilegeddon.


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