Top 10+ Questions to Ask before Hiring a Web Design Company


Your company’s website is the digital person of your organization on the internet. It is essential that you always keep your website up to date and provide your customers with the best quality services from your website. If you want to increase your success rate and want your company to pave its way to the top in the market, it is mandatory that you own a website with responsive web design.

The best-known medium to expand your business in today’s digital world is through your website. So, before hiring a web design company you need to properly access all the aspects and resources of your company so that the deal results fruitfully.

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Let us have a look at the vital questions you need to ask before hiring a web design company for your organization.

Important points to address are:

1. What services do you offer?

Try to hire a team which completely understands your vision and provides the services which are best suited for your business. Different web design companies offer different services like graphic designing, e-commerce solutions and also include digital marketing services in the package. Sit with the web design company and plan out all the aspects according to your conditions before hiring them.

2. Are you going to analyze the previous running website or will you provide a totally new design of your own?

Know whether the web design company which you are going to hire is going to review your pre-existing website for strengths and flaws or not.

3. What is your definition of a successful web development project?

Some companies will try to brag about their success by the awards and plaques they have won for their projects. But you need to focus on the different metrics of success which are handing of data traffic, conversion rate etc. and ask out their way to track these metrics.

4. How big is your development team? Do you have your own development team or are you a middleman?

Screen out the history of the web design company as its very important to know that with whom you are going to step forward in the deal. Gain all the necessary information about the development team which will be assigned to your project. Be aware of the fact that whether the company which is going to work for you owns a well-trained in-house development team or not as many companies only play a role of mediator between you and the dedicated developers and put your investment at high risk.

5. Can you develop a responsive web design?

See whether the company is going to provide a responsive design which will work on different devices or not. Almost 80 % of the population prefer to use mobile devices to reach out for different services so it is mandatory that your website works seamlessly on the all the devices.

6. Can you show some of your previously completed projects in the same domain?

Ask for their previously completed projects in the same niche. This will provide you with a reference for their work and you can also compare the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

7. Will you provide regular updates of the work in progress?

Before hiring a web design company for your organization ask them whether they are going to ping you with updates during the development process of your product or not. This is very crucial as by getting regular updates you will be fully aware of the progress of your product and will gain a chance to modify any aspect of it side by side if needed.

8. Will you develop a custom web design from scratch or modify a template?

This will allow you to get an idea about the budget of the end website. This is very important as the websites which are carved and developed from scratch are more expensive as compared to websites which are developed from the pre-made templates using some CMS tools.

9. Describe your design/development process.

Enlighten yourself with the design and development process of the web design company that you are going to choose. Every company has its own methodology of working. Make sure that you address the following points before making a deal with the company:

  • Will you provide suggestions for our functionality?
  • Can you prepare a prototype of our end product? This will allow you to get an overview of your website.
  • How many design options will you provide?
  • Are you going to provide access to the website during the development process?

10. What is your payment policy?

Ask are they going to charge for their services on an hourly basis or charge for the flat project. Gain all the information on the billing procedure also which will make it easy for you to pay the amount easily at the end of the deal.

11. What about SEO incorporation?

Search Engine Optimization is very crucial nowadays. It is very important that you know your audience and target your services according to them. Ask the views of the web design company on SEO incorporation in your website. Also, gain all the knowledge that how they are going to indulge social media in your website which is a vital aspect in website design.

12. How much time will it take to complete the project?

Get an estimated timeline of your project beforehand. It is very important for the client as well as the company team to have prior knowledge about the deadline time so that both are parties are on the same page.

13. Who will be the full owner of the website once it’s completed?

Be sure to know who owns all the internal files of design for your website beforehand. Every company has its own set of policies so don’t miss to address this point with your web design company before you hire them.

These are some crucial points you must address with the web design company in the interview before hiring them for your project. Plan carefully with the company’s team and hire the company which best complements your needs.


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