How to Choose A SEO Agency in 10 Steps?


I recently addressed the topic of companies that are being flouted by SEOs in sometimes having sought. Let’s transfer on to the next step, how to find an effective SEO agency? What is the price of an SEO service?

There is no ideal agency; there is no pre-established price. Both will depend on you, the specific case of your market, the size of the agency, your objectives, your competition, etc.

Let us see more clearly to help you in the process of finding a provider.

10 Steps For Hiring an SEO Agency

Dig A Little About The Subject:

Without necessarily spending months, find out a little about what SEO is today. Spend a few hours on specialized forums, read some blogs. It is likely that many things escape you, but you will always gain in general understanding.

This will probably allow you to identify your needs better.

Define your Need

From one company to another, the need for visibility on the web can be very different.

A big e-commerce site will not have the same expectations as a lawyer who works locally.

The former will often have to position itself on dozens of competing key phrases and thousands of related phrases related to the products being sold. The second will be content to be visible on his activity associated with his city or region, or about twenty key-phrases only. The actions to be implemented in these two cases will have little in common.

The purchase of commercial links and natural referencing are very distinct trades. Not all SEO agencies are effective in both areas, have you compared these different solutions?

Do you need to get started in the SMO? This is by no means an obligation, does your activity allow it? Will you have the necessary resources?

Define your Goals

You now know what you need. But what are your ambitions? When we do not know where we want to go, we never do, so it is needed to define what you want to realize like results. To be located at the level of your five main competitors? In 6 months, two years? What are they? What key phrases are they positioned today?

Define your Situation

SEO is only part of a web project, but it integrates with multiple steps.

Where are you? Is your site already completed? Better, do you ask the question of SEO before designing the site (it would be ideal)? Do you have a defined business strategy for your business? Where is your web project in this strategy?

Formalize your Expectations

At this point, you can flat out your expectations.

My advice: write them. The fact of formalizing these on a document will allow you to be better perceived by your future interlocutors. Indeed, all SEOs receive dozens of requests far-fetched. They do not even take the time to answer it.

When a topo formalizes things, they do not have the impression to receive a request from the last squire who fell from the last downpour who thinks to become rich on the web in three months.

The formalization will also have probably allowed you to identify some flaws or ask you use questions to better define your project.

Make the First Sort of Agency or Independent.

Google is full of results when you search for “SEO agency” or “SEO consultant.” Word of mouth may also allow you to make the first selection if people around you are satisfied with a provider.

Depending on your ambitions and the competition in place in your market, select some SEO agencies or SEO independents. Are their services clearly explained on their sites? Are their references comparable to the size of your business? Do they advance concrete evidence of their results? Quite stupid, do you understand what is written on their sites?

Ask About their Reputation.

Do not talk about yourself is not necessarily negative ( many CEOs do not have the time but are perfectly competent ). On the other hand, to make speak of oneself in evil is revealing. Google is your friend. Check if some people are not complaining about a provider. Dig anyway to see if the customer is not an illuminated, cross testimonials.

The First Telephone Interview

It is usually during your first call that you will be able to make a huge selection.

Does your interlocutor want to understand your activity? Is it able to summarize your expectations? Is he able to give you online examples of client cases he worked on? What are the results? Are they convincing? What actions has he put in place for these? How long has it been on these issues? How do they extend in time?

Does it offer boat services worthy of the 90s (motor registration)? Does he have a first idea of the difficulties ahead? If your site is already online, is it able to identify 2 or 3 major gaps? If you contact him before designing your site, what is his working methodology to accompany you? Are ROI indicators provided? Will he be able to accompany you for the duration?

If you have clear answers to all these questions, it is likely that you have identified serious providers. If not, continue searching.

Important: SEO is not an exact science. Arriving at the same point with very different strategies is possible. Listen carefully to each interlocutor. Ask for explanations for each gray area. The speech of some will help you ask the right questions to others.

Sorting in Speech

Without being paranoid, beware! If a lot of CEOs are real pros, quacks are swarming too.

Ask what part of the work you will need to do (a good SEO will always work with you).

Be wary of the plague of a quote proposal after 5 minutes of talk. A good SEO is made to measure. It is impossible to evaluate a quantity of work without understanding a minimum your case

Dig deep the case of cited references.

Let’s Go, Do the Final Sorting and Ask for Quotes.

After these first interviews, go back to the forums and specialized blogs. Your searches will be more precise. It will be easier for you to sort out all the information you have been given.

Remake the topo of your expectations. After all that you have learned during the telephone interviews, there is a good chance that you can seriously supplement them.

Then send your requests by email enclosing the formalized document of your needs.

If necessary, go back through step 6 …

In conclusion

If the visibility of your website is an essential criterion for the success of your business, the choice of an SEO agency is a crucial task.

These tips are not exhaustive or perfect, but they will probably save you a lot of trouble.

Natural referencing is a work that is realized over time. You will be “married” to your SEO for a good while.

Be as difficult (see more) as when you chose your wife or husband. As in a couple, a real relationship of trust will be established, do not jump on the first damsel came, waking without makeup could be difficult.


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