How to Create a Freebee Blog on BlogSpot


Blogging is considered as one of the best career options for the writers as well as poets. Blogging is the unique way through which you can easily express your thoughts, views, opinions, and emotions in the form of words and sentences. There has been a wide range of platforms available on the internet which helps you to write and showcase your skills and words to the whole world. Here we are going to discuss how to create a freebee blog on by just following simple steps.

Nowadays, people are creating their own blogs in order to list and summarise all of their writes up on the internet. Some blogs are free of cost while others charge a nominal fee for signing up and using their website as a medium. Blogspot Blog is regarded as one of the best websites where you can easily create a free sign-in account and kick start with your career in creative writing and learning skills.

Key Points that you must Consider Before Beginning your Blog on Blogspot:

  • Starting a BlogStop Blog is free and simple to launch.
  • The stage is claimed by Google, so you have that trust and validity.
  • Though there are lots of free blogging platforms like, Weebly, Tumblr, is the winner of them all with regards to giving you an opportunity and the highlights advertised.
  • You can monetize your blog with Google AdSense and different projects like partner showcasing effectively not at all like different stages.

So, is a new way to socialize your writing talents with other people and help them to explore new ways of content creation and blog making.

How you can Start your Blog with the Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Blogger Account Creation

To create a blog, go to Blogspot, and you will be welcomed with a wonderful presentation page which prompts you to make a free blog.

Blogspot is the blogging platform by Google, you can make a free blog account by signing in with your Gmail account. After you sign in, you’ll be asked to use blogger as your default Google in addition to profile or on the off chance that you’d like to proceed with a profile and can create free blogs.You can choose former for benefits like associating your blogging with your Google in addition to a social profile.

On the following screen, click on “Make your blog” button again to launch and start a blog.

Step 2: Set a Blog Name and a Theme

In the following screen, you get the opportunity to choose an area for your blog. It’s an easy way to create a free blog, just space name, on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea, is a location through which individuals over the world can get to your site. It resembles your physical office address individuals would need to connect with you at your office.

Pick a short space name that is applicable to your blog theme and can start a free blog.
Next, pick an appropriate topic (chooses how your blog will look toward the front) for your blog and snap on “Make blog!” catch. (Try not to stress you can generally change these later.)

Step 3: Optimizing your Blogger Blog

After you make your Blogspot blog, it’s a great opportunity to optimize it for more web index permeability and better client experience. This is a one time process. You can get to it on the left-hand-side board.

Simply click on the alternative that peruses “Settings, ” and you can improve your blogging as underneath:

  • Description adding to your blog.
  • Description adding to your blogger blog helps perusers and search engines know what your blog is about. You can set it by choosing the basic settings option under the principle “settings board.”

Step 4: Optimizing your Blog for SEO

Blog optimization for search engines:

  • Meta Tags: You will compose a good summary of your blog here. This will show up on web indexes and will attract different users to your Blogspot blog.
  • Custom Page: When individuals arrive on your site through a URL that never again exists, you can set a message to them that the page doesn’t exist. You can set any custom content or HTML message training them what to do straightaway BlogSpot templates.
  • Custom Sidetracks: If somebody connects to any of your posts or pages, and you happen to erase that page, or they connect to a wrong URL that doesn’t exist, you can utilize this choice to divert all such backlinks to any single page. In a perfect world, this ought to be your landing page URL here.

Step 5: Publishing Content

If you’re confounded, posts and pages are literally equivalents with the fact of the way that pages are generally steady information that seldom gets changed or updated. This implies you can use pages to make your about page, protection arrangement and disclaimer page and whatever other such data that dependably stay consistent.

Step 6: Monetize your Blog with Google AdSense

This free blogging would surely be inadequate without a tutorial to adapt your BlogSpot blog. Here are the means by which to adapt your blogger blog with Adsense.

When you have something like a better than an average number of blog entries and a decent readership, you can utilize Google AdSense to acquire cash from your Blogspot blog.
You can without much of a stretch apply for AdSense through your blogger dashboard and get an endorsement.

To apply for AdSense by means of, go to your dashboard, click on “Income” and snap apply for AdSense.

Wrapping Up:

Along these lines, with this, you finished your compressed lesson to create a free blog on I trust you begin your very own free blog, increase direct involvement in blogging platforms and acquire some cash for your money related opportunity. After this, you can move your blog whenever to oneself facilitated WordPress online journals to deal with your blog and get significantly increased potential for its development.


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