Microsoft Visual Studio Vs Eclipse: What Should you Choose For Web App Development?


Microsoft Visual Studio Vs Eclipse, what should you choose for web app development? Are you an app developer looking for the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop your web app? If yes, you are at the right place. Whether you are going to develop an app in Microsoft visual studio or eclipse, you will experience a plethora of differences in both of them. Therefore, making the choice of the right IDE for your application is a crucial task.

No doubt both Microsoft Visual Studio as well as Eclipse have a number of amazing features that make them every programmer’s choice, however, often they get confused and keep highlighting points by drawing differences as Microsoft Visual Studio vs. Eclipse. In this article, we shall discuss some of the essential differences between these two giant platforms for simplifying your decision.

Microsoft Visual Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which IDE Do You Prefer For Web App Development?

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is a well-designed platform which helps its users to write code in an effective as well as efficient manner without any hassle. It ensures a user-friendly atmosphere which allows easy navigation of interfaces and can work with a number of operating systems. Visual Studio also has debugging tools that assist in locating and analyzing bugs. Also, it serves as a testing medium wherein developers run their applications in the real environment and interpret the results and the flow of functioning with the targeted audience.


The eclipse is a cross-platform software that ensures free access for its users for the development of full-featured Java programs. It is compatible with a number of devices like Mac, Windows, and Linux and a wide range of languages like Ruby, Python, Scheme, C, Javascript, Clojure, C++ and many more. This platform enables a foundational workspace that allows high customization along with an extensive plugin system. This platform ensures that the Java developers create flexible solutions using the highly integrated tools in the powerful development environment.

Comparison between Eclipse vs Visual Studio

Although both of these programming IDEs (Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse) are the top ranking development platforms yet the developers make a comparative analysis between them in order to find the best possible medium for programming applications. So, let’s have a look at some of the distinctive features of both of this software:

1. Usability: Despite the fact that Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse both are a bundle of exciting buttons, menus, and subwindows yet there is an important feature known as a perspective that interprets the number of usability by the developers and the users.

  • Eclipse has a fine feature of perspective that enables many layout and windows collection. This function helps in the easy navigation between two different aspects of programs.
  • Visual Studio has nothing known as perspective in its software functioning. Only a third-party plugin can provide the perspective feature.

2. Customizability: Another important area of differentiation between Microsoft Visual Studio Vs Eclipse is the ability to customize the application program according to the needs and requirements of the users.

  • Eclipse is a platform built in IDE with a number of languages and compilers as its extensions. Eclipse outshines as it is an open source platform that enables a wide range of languages and platforms from the main download page without any hassle of installing the extensions. You can easily customize and repackage your project according to your work environment with the Eclipse software.
  • However, in the case of Visual Studio editor, the Microsoft has not marketed much of its customized features to the ultimate users due to which it lacks the ability to adjust its platform with the real-time projects. Visual Studio system mainly works with Windows and other languages and you really need to be careful before using an extension in Visual Studio.

3. A blend of numerous features: There has been an overwhelming argument about the number of features provided by both Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse. Both of this software is supported by IDE that provides a wide range of interesting facilities for its users for accurate, speedy and comfortable user experience.

  • Eclipse creates a robust development atmosphere that provides unique features like Git version control, code recommendation, Gradle support, Eclipse marketplace, XML editing, Apache Maven integration, Standard widget tool and many more.
  • Visual Studio IDE is equipped with a bundle of eye-catching tools and facilities like customization options, rigorous testing, accurate coding, Visual Studio Team Services, Office 365 Developer Subscription, Visual Studio App Center, Power BI Pro, Exchange, SQL, Azure Developer Services etc.

4. Coding: The core basis of making Microsoft Visual Studio Vs Eclipse comparison is to write effective codes and develop a well presentable software program. Eclipse and Visual Studio both have auto-complete tools that ensure speedy creation of codes with fewer mistakes or errors in it.

  • Eclipse makes the process of coding much smoother as it helps you to write your own plugins in easily. Also, it helps you to modify your programs easily in less time and with less effort. Moreover, you would not require to change the core product because of its extensibility feature.
  • The Visual Studio code editor has a few issues. It cannot recognize the Cilk Plus extensions and creates a number of Intellisense errors that will create a huge mess in the error checking mechanism and will lead to hassle and unproductive complete of application projects.

5. Eclipse has a lot of cloud programming tools and a few code snippets view but does not have macro inbuilt support while Visual Studio is extensible and has a complete Macro IDE that is helpful in coding your extensions and communicating with servers along with recording keystrokes.

Some Final Words

Now that you are aware about all the fundamental differences, you shall easily be able to decide which IDE will suit the requirements of your web app development well. Therefore, consider following all these crucial points when you choose one out of Microsoft visual code editor and eclipse so that you are saved from all the future issues since the very beginning.


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