PSD to Magento Conversion – Step by Step Guide


Are you looking for some simple steps to convert your PSD to Magento website? Well, as it has already become quite difficult for most of the online retailers to maintain their online stores as the best ecommerce stores because of the growing online competition as well as the advanced standards which they have to maintain. In such case, maintaining your online website or store is always one of the most crucial things which you need to take care of, something which can be achieved by the simple PSD to Magento Conversion. The main reason for this is because the clients and the users would only be curious about your business only when your website works really fine and when they don’t face any kind of issues.

Magento is one of the most popular and trending E-commerce framework on the internet and more than half of the online shopping websites on the internet are made of Magento, which makes it the best platform for this kind of service.

So, you might be thinking, why the PSD to Magento conversion? Well, this process is the most recommended process by all levels of businesses and if you are working on PSD, you need to migrate to Magento as it is the best. Along with that, PSD to Magento process is simple at the same time.

If you are adamant on the process of brand building for your website, then having an excellent store online is the first thing which you should hunt for. In this case, you must start with editing your Photoshop documents to meet the requirements for your online store. This marks the beginning of successful PSD to Magento conversion.

How to perform PSD to Magento Conversion in the Right Way

The process of PSD to Magento conversion requires some time and efforts and in this case, you really need patience because it is about your own good. You really don’t need any particular kind of PSD to Magento service. All you need to do is to follow the given steps that we have provided below for you to make everything convenient for you and at the same time, without any particular kind of charges or whatsoever.

Given below are some easy and quick steps for you to carry out the right process to convert PSD to Magento:

1. Prepare your PSD files:

The most prime yet essential process for the PSD to Magento conversion is the task for you to prepare your PSD file which you can do with the help of Adobe Photoshop which is the image editing software. Make it according to your preferences and make sure you take full care of the logo and the color which needs to be added. Also, it is really recommended that you make a sketch in your head already which might make things really easier for you already.

2. Breaking PSD in Layers:

The next step which is involved in the PSD to Magento Conversion is the breaking of PSD in layers which is one of the main parts of this process where the static designs of your PSD are further divided into the different parts where encoding them becomes even easier and possible. Use surgical precision for this purpose and save the elements as PSD files.

3. HTML/CSS conversion of PSD:

After you have successfully sliced your PSD in layers, the next step in the PSD to Magento process is the conversion of the static PSD files into the HTML and CSS formats where the sliced images are further coded into the HTML markup, where you can make sure that you add styles to these images with the help of CSS. After you complete this process, save your files as index.html and style.css while you are coding with HTML and CSS respectively.

4. Integrate the HTML and CSS into your Magento theme:

Now you would have to integrate the HTML and CSS files into your Magento theme which makes it sure for you that your responsive themes would easily be displayed on any kind of screens which you want your website to get displayed on without any kind of issues. You just need to create the folders, directories and then the sub-directories for the proper integration.

5. Adding data and testing the store:

Now this is the final step in the process of the PSD to Magento Conversion and here in this step, you need to add all the relevant data in your store which includes all the products, categories, images, pricing as well as proper description in your online shopping stores. Once you are done with this whole process, you just need to check and test your online ecommerce store so that it works well on every platform and every device.

So, these were some of the necessary steps for the full PSD to Magento Conversion. You can execute them easily to get the best out of your website.

Now, there actually are a lot of PSD to Magento Conversion services, but most of them usually aren’t proper and take a lot of time and money to spend on. For this purpose, you require a PSD to Magento Company that has professional Magento developers who will help in properly implementing this task for you. Finding the best PSD to Magento Company can be a quite intimidating task, therefore, you need to follow the proper steps to choose the right Magento web development company that provides all the services. If you want you can also do the entire magento development by yourself, all you need is to follow the above-mentioned steps which would be the best and finest option for you.


Today everyone recommends using the PSD to Magento conversion for your new online store as it is the best kind of thing which you can do for your online shopping website, which makes sure that your business flourishes exponentially as well as the brand building takes place at the same time.


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