PSD to WordPress Conversion – Step by Step Guide


WordPress is known as one of the best and top content management service which offers everything you need to build your own website, get it running and working brilliantly. The best thing about WordPress is that it comes equipped with a lot of functionalities, and acts as a kick start for most of the online projects which you might have wanted to start and get your hands on. However, at the same time, there are a lot of people who are looking for the full procedure of PSD to WordPress Conversion. It thus becomes a kind of tiring process, but here is a complete guide that will simplify the whole task for you.

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress has always been a perfect platform for building quality websites for your flourishing business. Apart from any kind of service, in WordPress, you actually get the option to customize each and every aspect of your site and according to this, you can easily make and design your website in such a way which would be as per your own will. Along with that, there are many benefits of WordPress like you can easily choose such pricing which, in fact, is quite better than most of the sites offering the same service.

If you are on PSD, you can easily convert to WordPress and make the most out of your site and always attract more people to your website.

You can easily do the PSD to WordPress conversion without even referring to any PSD to WordPress Company. For that, there are a few steps to follow if you want to know the process to convert PSD to WordPress. Given below are the proper steps that must be followed so that you can perform PSD to WordPress Development in an orderly manner:

How to perform PSD to WordPress Conversion in the Right Way

Slice your PSDs

This is the first step to convert PSD to WordPress and as soon as you have easily developed your PSDs, you just need to convert them into something which the web designers, as well as the developers, can easily work with and that includes making them HTML and CSS compatible. The designer needs to slice the PSD in Adobe Photoshop which converts them into HTML and CSS.

Code the Slices

This is the second step for you if you are willing to convert PSD to WordPress. In this step, you just need to code the slices which you made into the right place. This is like a jigsaw puzzle, but the only difference is that you are working with a course of sliced PSDs. The developers use this HTML to just develop a blueprint of where all the stuff is supposed to go and then the CSS is used to hold it in a proper place.

Creating and Building Templates

When you are going through the process of PSD to WordPress conversion, you are actually creating a custom WordPress theme which is supposed to be uploaded to WordPress. For this, you have to turn your coded slices into specifically coded slices which WordPress calls Templates. This enables you to upload your custom designs to WordPress where it can automatically put the code in the right place. There are also different sections to the site which are saved in the form of PHP files and these include the major portions of the header, index, category, search and the footer of the site. This process always involved the conversion of your slices to PHP files.

Add Extras

Sometimes, your PSDs lack a little bit of core functionality, which makes things a lot harder for you in case of developing your site. So, in this case, some of the functions might be lacking in your site. Cut yourself some slack here, as WordPress comes into the rescue at this point. If you already the added code there, you can use it to add some of the additional features and options according to your will. This would make sure that your site looks great. However, to make sure that the codes are placed in the right place, you just need to tag all such places where the code is supposed to go with the help of an inbuilt WordPress tag. The rest of the things would be done by the CMS. This is always better than choosing any PSD to WordPress Conversion Services.

Now, your site at this point has moved out of the coding portion and your Adobe has been integrated into WordPress. Now, any of the changes which you want to make, you can make them in the WordPress section right away.


Now is the final thing which you got to do in order to check if your site is completely rocking now or you need to make some additional changes too. You just need to check if your site is working completely fine on all the devices and all the platforms. If there is any kind of functionality which you need to add, you can do it here in this portion of the development.

However, for people looking for professional services by a PSD to WordPress company, must undergo research before hiring the best team of WordPress developers to ensure that your website is developed by WordPress experts who are always evergreen and help in building a strong business foundation using WordPress themes and templates. It must be noted that PSD to WordPress conversion usually takes a little bit more time, but usually pays out a lot and you make the most of your site. It is the best kind of option which you could do for your site i.e. developing from PSD to WordPress.

So, this was the full procedure of PSD to WordPress Conversion which you can follow and get the most out of your website, always. Make sure you follow the steps given above and take care of the code which you write so that you don’t mess with any aspect of your site.


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