Top 10 Latest Web Design Trends of 2019


In the 21st century, every person in the world relies on the internet to get all the answers to their queries and seek different services. It is mandatory to own responsive web design for your organization’s website to ameliorate the user experience and take your business to the top in the market.

A lot of web design experts will suggest you upgrade your website once in two to three years but you might want to do it more often to keep your website up to date. You can reach out to different web design companies which offer a plethora of web designs.

Web design companies also need to incorporate the latest web design trends in their catalog. In this era, the exceptional user experience is not needed, it is expected from every website owned by different organizations. To land different clients in this corporate world, web design companies must equip themselves with the latest web design trends which are unique, catchy and user-friendly.

Here are some latest web design trends which should be owned by every web design company.

Latest Web Design Trends For 2019 are:

1. Personalized User Experience

To gain more popularity and to increase the growth rate of the business the best mantra is to offer audience targeted services through your website. This will not only leave a dazzling impression on the users but will also show that you take proper care of your theme and provide best-assured services to them.

2. User Interface integrated with voice control

It is a new trend which is gaining popularity at an exceptional rate. The design aims at being the natural extension of a human being. It enhances the user experience greatly. Visitors find it very interactive and unique to provide voice input to access information and request for the services they need. Web design companies must incorporate this feature in the designs they offer to their clients to gain an edge over their competitors.

3. Unorthodox navigation

Navigation or scrolling is an essential aspect of the website design. It helps the visitors or the users to move from one section to the other to access the information or request for the required services. Users find it very interactive when the websites offer non-traditional scrolling to the pages which improve the user experience and also leaves an amazing impression on them.

4. Asymmetrical layouts

These trendy web designs should always have a fixed place in every web design company’s catalog. The design is simple and easy to use and offers a great user experience. It drops the ball on the ongoing saturated web designs and allows users to have an amazing experience using the site.

Broken grids are used by many developers to present an asymmetrical layout on the website. Different layers of colors and textures can be added which can be incorporated with white spaces to give a stunning design to the website. Irregular patterns with gradients are used widely by the website developers in their web designs which leave the visitors mesmerized.

5. Minimalistic web designs

In this web design, the main page of the website is presented with the slightest amount of the information and acts as a portal for the users by which they can dive and access all the information they need and request for different services. The design allows the developers to provide a face to the website which contains links to all the other services which are provided through that website. It literally acts as an entry card for the users.

6. Enormous titles & bold typography

Large titles and bold and enormous typography is being incorporated by many developers in their designs which allow them to make the front page catchy and crisp. The main vision of the business is boasted with the help of large font so that visitors get an overview of the company on the first interaction with the website.

7. GIFs and interactive animations

Unique GIFs and animations play a vital role in making a web design attractive and dazzling. A dash of these animations in the web design leaves a lovely impression on the visitors. They help you to provide a livelier way to present the information on your website so that the readers don’t get bored. Sticky components are also in trend. You can use them to present more information to the user at the same interface.

8. Chatbots

Every website should be incorporated with chatbots. They not only increase the communication between the end user and the website but also presents a number of opportunities by which they can save their valuable time. Chatbots also enhances the user experience greatly. They are equipped with automated pre-defined responses and help the visitor navigate through the website easily.

9. Augmented reality

This concept is very popular in gaming applications but nowadays it is trending in website designing also. To incorporate augmented reality in the web design is surely a herculean task but once it is achieved it is the star design of every web design company’s catalog. It enhances the user experience exponentially by letting them have a real-world experience in the virtual world.

10. Responsive Design

Almost 80% of the population on the earth reach out to their mobile devices to seek solutions to their queries and acquire different services. If a company owns a website with responsive web design which works seamlessly on different devices such as mobile devices then the company’s business can easily pave its way to the top in the corporate world. Web design companies should incorporate responsive web designs in their inventory as in today’s era flawless website designs for mobile devices are necessary for the corporate beasts to grow their businesses.

These are some of the web design trends which should be known by every web design company as they are the need of the hour. These designs will allow them to catch bigger fishes in the lake of the corporate world.


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