Top 10 Open Source e-commerce Frameworks of 2019


E-commerce has opened a new gateway for the corporate beasts to provide services to customers over the internet. It has offered them a golden opportunity to increase the growth of their respective business astronomically.

A larger portion of the world’s population rely on their mobile devices and reach out to the internet to acquire different services they need. Each and every business in the market whether it is massive established business or has a small chain of mom and pop stores need to own a good e-commerce website or needs to incorporate e-commerce in their business to pave their way to the top. Every organization is searching out for best e-commerce Web Development Company who not only understands their aim and vision but also complements the requirements of the organization and provides the best quality services in the decided budget.

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Let us go through some of the top open source e-commerce frameworks.

Latest Frameworks are:

1. Magento open source

It is one of the best options to choose among the others available to offer e-commerce solutions. The framework is an open source but also comes in a paid version if you want to upgrade. With an elongated list of amazing and overwhelming features, all the developers opt for the open source version. The framework is backed with a strong community and allows the developers to choose from a massive range of themes and can put their hands on a lot of plugins to provide best e-commerce web designs.

2. WooCommerce

A major e-commerce plugin which is available as open source and is incorporated with WordPress flawlessly. The framework allows the developers to offer the products and services attractively and dashingly. Developers can easily modify the aesthetics of the e-commerce web design and can sell anything, anywhere leaving all the customers mesmerized. It allows both the customer and developer to own all the rights of the product once it’s completed. It also offers the ability to the developer to integrate other e-commerce plugins with it seamlessly and offer best quality e-commerce solutions.

3. Drupal Commerce

It is one of the other major frameworks for e-commerce solutions which is focused on community developers and is available as open source. High working speed and flawless performance of the framework gives it an edge over the other competitors in the market. The framework is backed with its own security system which allows the developers to present e-commerce web designs which are totally safe and secure. Developers can easily install and integrate a lot of plugins for payment gateways, social media, accounting applications etc. to enhance the user experience and develop interactive custom e-commerce websites.

4. Solidus

A complete open source framework which is developed with RoR (Ruby on Rails). It is a robust framework which is totally free. There are no hidden management and transaction fees and once you get access to the framework you own it for the lifetime. The framework offers an easy way for the client to manage the inventory and allows the developers to integrate a number of APIs and back them with great community support.

5. Zen Cart

An open source framework which helps you to take your business in every corner. It is fully customizable which means developers can modify the source code easily and present custom web designs according to the requirements of the clients. The framework is modular and can be integrated easily with a lot of payment gateways options.

6. paGo Commerce

It is a free open source premium grade framework which allows the developers to develop futuristic e-commerce web designs. The framework is easy to use and set up and has a strong back hold of 24X7 support system. It is a modular framework which makes it very easy for the developers to integrate social media in the e-commerce website designs.

7. PrestaShop

It is the easiest way to create e-commerce solutions and sell the product anywhere anytime. The framework is freemium that is, the framework is available as open source and totally user-friendly. You can easily manage your store and developers has the full support of the strong community of the framework. The framework makes it easy to manage the orders and market the store and allows you to easily control the data traffic and improve the conversion rate of your business.

8. osCommerce

It is a free platform under GNU which can easily installed and set up to manage the store. It is one of the most robust platforms which is available as open source and is very flexible. Developers can integrate it with a lot of plugins to enhance the user experience. In a nutshell, you easily manage the front and back end of your online business with help of this platform.

9. VirtueMart

A open source architecture which comes with the combination of Joomla. It provides a strong network of the community which backs the developers working on this platform. You can easily create your own plugin and can also integrate different plugins to enhance the website design. It provides with a strong core architecture in which different functionalities can be added according to one’s requirements.

10. OpenCart

With no fees for anything OpenCart is a free and open source e-commerce platform which includes everything in it which will help you to increase the growth rate of your business at an exponential rate. It is easy to start and run and backs the developers with a strong support system. It is a powerful management tool which has a plethora of themes and designs to choose from. A number of extensions can be integrated with the platform to perform different functions.

As the demand is increasing day by day, the e-commerce web development companies need to keep themselves up to date with the latest technologies and frameworks so that they can land a greater number of clients in their pockets. It is vital to a well-trained team of developers who are well aware of the open source as well as paid frameworks as it increases the range of the clients for the company to offer its services.


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