Top 10 Popular Java Frameworks to Use in 2019


Java is one of the most commonly used platforms to develop reliable applications. Developers all around the world love to use java web frameworks to enhance the versatility of their application. However, they all get confused while choosing the right java framework among all the popular Java frameworks available online. Not to worry anymore, we have created this exclusive java frameworks list that will surely ease up your selection process and you will love using them.

In this article, we shall check out details of all the top Java frameworks that can be a great helping hand in your application development process.

Ultimate List of Popular Java Frameworks to Check

Given below are some of the top Java Frameworks that you must know about before implementing them in your application:

1. JavaServer Faces:

This framework is complex documentation of which provides you a platform to develop Java language along with brief software programming experience. JavaServer Faces enables rich libraries as well as excellent tools to facilitate a better understanding of Java. Also, it is considered as one of the best java web framework that is created and supported by Oracle. This java web framework imparts convenience to easily use Integrated Development Environments for faster Java implementation.

2. Google Web Toolkit:

Crafted and initiated by Google, this framework is an effective source to develop all the front end applications of Java. No matter how complex or difficult the documentation is, Google makes it easier to learn and understand everything in a professional way. Among all the popular Java frameworks, Google Web Toolkit is the best framework for web development. Moreover, it helps in creating simple responsive apps as it balances the load of both the server and the client side systems.

3. Struts:

Struts is a free java web application framework that helps in the creation of the most versatile java applications. It works in a Model View Controller pattern that ensures rapid development and easy to test newly written codes. Also, it has its own standard rules of conduct as well as a specific methodology to follow which makes it less flexible to conduct java development projects. It is regarded as one of the popular Java frameworks which enable immediate application of new codes and new methods.

4. Spring MVC:

This framework is the oldest yet the best one among the range of popular Java frameworks. It is a Java MVC framework that has an excellent set of tools and techniques for the creation of Java applications. Moreover, it is a broad framework that can adapt to all the dynamic changes and developments in Java. It has rich libraries and excellent documentation that allows you to write codes with perfection. It enables a huge thriving community for the clarification of the doubts and queries regarding the work of a web framework.

5. Hibernate:

It is a high-quality option to have quick excess to the database. Hibernate is easy to use, modify and configure Java applications. It offers versatile speed and capacity along with the convenience to scale any kind of software program. Moreover, it is highly compatible with different database and is one of the popular Java frameworks. Also, it is a powerful platform for rational mapping of objects.

6. Vaadin:

Vaadin is among the top Java frameworks that are licensed and supported by Apache Software Foundation. It has a side server architecture foundation that allows you to create interactive web interfaces. You can easily expand the Vaadin framework with Google Web Tools and Ajax techniques and tools. It is simple and easy to use and you can get support and guidance from the forums and online community members without any hindrance. Also, it comes with a number of plug-ins.

7. Wicket:

Among all the popular Java frameworks, Wicket is the simplest yet elegant framework that enables responsive useful responsive java web applications. It is easier to modify and configure as all the codification is done using Java server side. You can easily integrate Wicket with HTML and perform the task of testing the applications. Also, you can get a lot of support and assistance from the community members.

8. Play:

Play is a Java UI framework that allows you to make the changes as swiftly as possible without making any extra efforts. This framework is specially designed for those developers who are working on mobile as well as web applications. The play is supported by Akka toolkit that runs on Java Virtual Machine. It helps in creating a user-friendly environment wherein you can develop, execute and test the applications maintaining a productive workflow. It is an amazing resource management platform with flexible tools and methods.

9. Vert.X:

This framework performs complicated documentation and plays a crucial role in Java EE. Also, it is compatible with a wide range of programming languages such as JavaScript, Ajax, Python and many more. It ensures easy assistance and guidance so that you can use what you need to complete your web application. It is the best java web framework that works on Java Virtual Machine which ensures convenient coding and scaling. ValueCoders is a reputed web development company that works with Vert.X for easy control and effective formation of java web applications.

10. Grails:

In the list of popular Java frameworks, Grails framework is on the top that provides smooth and quick formation of web application along with their effective creation, testing and modification functions. It is a dynamic framework with over 900 plugins. It deals with a wide range of powerful tools and domain-specific languages. For all types of your application development processes, opting for Grails framework would be the best decision.

Some Final Words

It is thus, essential to note that all the java frameworks mentioned above are an ultimate way to get all the application development work done in a simplified way. So, make sure you select the best java framework suitable for your application from the provided list and develop the perfect application today.


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