What is Social Media Marketing – A Step By Step Guide

How Social Media Marketing Works?


Social media marketing is ruling the world and every business is earning a huge revenue via this. People use different platforms for gaining a good market presence. It has become a source of advertising and marketing products to a large number of internet users. It helps to bring the most prospective customers by creating a marketing chain that involves brand and product promotion.

The number of times customers see the advertisement on these media platforms, they start believing that the product is very popular and helpful and become determined to try it out. The social media marketer uses various different types of contents such as videos and images along with the written text. Social media marketing demands that the content should be catchy and interesting that reaches directly to the heart of the customers.

In this guide, we shall begin learning about all the fundamentals and the different aspects of social media marketing and how it is beneficial in elevating the business level and making your business more profitable through the use of social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is content creation which is done by keeping in mind the prospective customers so that they can be engaged, attracted towards the product and also share it with other people.

The content created by social media marketer can be in the form of the written text, graphics or videos.

The result of this social media marketing is increased traffic on the website or organisation’s social media page. Although it should be kept in mind that the concept of ‘what is social media marketing?’ Is defined differently by different people.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Some basic terms that are used in relation to social network marketing are as follows:

1. Content:

The foremost thing in social media marketing basics is the content. As said in the definition above content is something that should be written in such a way that it attracts the maximum number of customers.

Apart from this content can be anything posted on Facebook or Instagram page or even a status upload. Some social media platforms support graphics or videos over written material such as YouTube, so here the promotional videos are the content. The thing that always matters with content is context.

2. Context:

Context is the next in a social media marketing guide and is very important in social network marketing. Context is nothing but to make sure that the most relevant part is highlighted. In a blog of more than five hundred words, hardly any people might read the sarcastic comments in between, while posting these comments separately can bring a hike.

On the other hand, you can also not summarise the whole information of the blog in a few words, therefore, it’s important to use hashtags when writing large blogs.

3. Hashtags:

Hashtags are an important part of SMM marketing. It is used on all most all the social media platform by social media marketer to highlight that what the text is all about. It also helps in attracting only those people who are genuinely interested in the post, brand, the product or service.


The social media marketing basics consist of other things such as shares that are truly celebrated in SMM marketing. After engaging and learning about the product when it shared on it expands the name of the product and that is what is termed as growth on social media for the companies.

5. Engagement:

Engagement of customers is all that in social media marketing. A guide to social media marketing states that even alike, comment or share is termed as the engagement of customers. According to social media marketing tutorial available on various sites this engagement confirms that the customer is interested in the product and it has left an impact on him or her.

Guide to Social Media Marketing

Study of different social media platforms would help us to understand SMM marketing better. So, let’s check out the top 2 platforms that are used for enhancing the social media presence.


Facebook is all time favourite despite many other platforms emerging every day it still has a lot of users. The site that was initially experimented as a platform among the Ivy League colleges became the greatest platform for social media marketer from all around the world.
Through Facebook ads, one can attract a large crowd that is eager to spend money on almost anything that looks good to their eyes, the people with high purchasing power.
Also, Facebook allows you to post videos on its own platform you do not need to share links connects with other sites. Therefore, making a very good base for social marketing for beginners as well as an old social media marketer.


Instagram comes out to be in competition with Facebook and when it comes to spreading a word about your brand it also plays a very significant role. Instagram is all about posting pictures and short videos. In terms of social media marketing, engagement is easier on Instagram than any other platform because you just need to double tap the picture.
Social media marketing guide suggests that how you began the process of SMM marketing on Instagram. It says initially you should post inspirational quotes, question people through text Also, post about other famous handbags or bikes addressing that you are interested in things liked by your customers, therefore you have a strong connection with them.

The Bottom Line:

After looking at the two most used social media sites it is very clear that SMM marketing is growing at a very fast speed. Five essential aspects of social media marketing are Content, Context, hashtags, shares and customer engagement. Some media platforms work entirely on a content basis other with videos such as YouTube, therefore a social media marketer should have a page on every possible social media platform.


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