Top 10 Magento Extensions/Plugins for eCommerce Website


Magento is an open source content management system, now has earned an overall presence in the online commercial center as an eCommerce web development platform. If the online business owners want to take full advantage of this feature-rich and effective eCommerce platform, then they should need to install modules or extensions on their online shopping website. This methodology develops the functionality of the online shops and ensures future-confirmation business with exceptional yields and streamlined profits. Thus we have created a list of top 10 magento extensions/plugins for an eCommerce website.

A lot of eCommerce extensions are available over the web to use for the shopping websites, however, selecting the productive ones can be overwhelming for the entrepreneurs. We are going to introduce the best Magento extensions/plugins by listing the top 10 Magento extensions/plugins for eCommerce websites to make this task easier. These extensions will give extreme advantages to your online store and will increase your business presence over the web.

List of Best Magento e-commerce Extensions/Plugins

1. SERP Editor

This is an absolute necessity Magento extension and performs as indicated by its name. It provides the business owners to edit, oversee and create the information or content similarly the customers need to find in the query items on the search engines. This extension gives change in CTR (Click Through Rate), transformation and deals on your web shopping stores. On the off chance that you are searching for more conversion rate, then you should need to make compact and clear titles, Keyword phrases and description.

2. Zopim Live Chat

In today’s quick paced world, the online customers can’t bear to hold up even a small amount of time for reaction from the website owner’s end. It is the obligation of the entrepreneurs to react promptly and address the needs of the clients, else they will search for another choice for shopping points of view. Zopim Live Chat, a Magento chats extension, sorts out this issue and accelerates reaction time.

3. Extended Grid with Editor

With regards to altering or dealing with a large number of items on a shopping site, then this extension plays a pivotal part as it makes this task easier. With the assistance of the broadening items grid, the website owner can edit product details and update the items all the time. This extension impeccable suits those eCommerce businesses that have varieties in cost levels for several variables.

4. Price Slider Daffodil

The majority of the online customers gets disappointed while hunting down a specific item from the eCommerce sites. It is on the account, they discover a lot of items in their indexed lists that are not inside of their value range. Establishment of Magento extension Price Slider Daffodil on the e-commerce stores encourages the online customers to indicate the value scope of everything, henceforth making the shopping easier.

5. Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo product review extension is a widely accepted Magento extension nowadays because of its stunning features. Customers have adopted more progressed methodologies while shopping online from a specific site. Before buying any item/product, the customers find out the negative and positive reviews & feedback of other customers over the web. With the help of this extension, you will provide them the facility to analyze the product on your shopping site as opposed to looking elsewhere which unquestionably removes the customers from your online store. Positive reviews & feedback about the products accessible on an eCommerce website drive more potential customers.

6. Fontis SecurePay

Security of the online transactions rises as a noteworthy concern towards the customers, who like to shop on the web. The online customers won’t prefer to spend a solitary measure of the amount of shopping from your eCommerce business websites unless you assure them that their transactions are highly secure. FontisSecurePay Magento extension is a perfect solution that deals with this issue totally by handling the payments in a safe way with the assistance of a secure payment gateway.

7. Shipworks

Everyone needs growth in their business since it is a positive perspective that guarantees the most extreme benefits. Be that as it may, growth and fame don’t come easily and require a lot of endeavors. Delivery is a greater issue for online retailers around the world. To facilitate this undertaking, Shipworks is an inimitable Magento extension that gives the features, for example, labels creation, sending email to the customers and updating orders. It is being utilized by a larger part of the transporters such as FedEx, DHL, and so forth.

8. Checkout Newsletter

An essential idea of the business’ success is to hold the past clients and make them intrigued by the most recent offerings, with the goal that they are induced to shop from your online store. The newsletters are an awesome approach to bring enthusiasm up with the customers. Checkout Newsletter, a capable Magento extension, highlights “Subscribe to the Newsletter” option builds interest of the customers to shop from your eCommerce business website later on.

9. Video and Content Testimonials

This extension enables online customers to share their views with respect to the business through YouTube recordings and pictures. With the help of this extension, testimonials can be managed easily. A standout amongst the most imperative elements of Video and Content Testimonials Magento extension is that it gives complete control to the eCommerce business website owners. They can set consents on posting testimonials and in addition reply.

10. Actionable Google Analytics Magento Extension

This extension provides lots of important Google Analytics highlights like enhanced e-business, tracking client ID, and so forth. Additionally, it likewise supports Content Grouping, Product Refund, IP Anonymization and significantly more useful. Subsequent to installing this extension, the site’s administrator will simply concentrate on helpful activities.

Sum Up –

Finally, the list of top 10 Magento Extensions/Plugins will help to boost all the e-commerce businesses. Integrate all these plugins in your online shopping website and experience improvement in visibility, traffic, functionality, and returns.


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