A Complete Guide to Get a Facebook Profile and Page Id in Just 2 Simple Ways

How to Find a Facebook Page Id & Profile Id with 2 Easy-Peasy Hacks


Facebook is regarded as one of the oldest yet fastest growing social media on the internet. It is not just about connecting people and interacting with them rather getting Facebook Id helps you to explore more about the online marketing and B2B business world. Facebook has made our life easier and convenient. It has come up to be wider in scope as its research and analysis has made it much complex due to which there is a separate segment of Facebook Marketing and Analysis program in the field of Digital Marketing.

Given Below are Some of the Ways through which you can Easily Find Facebook Profile and Page Id over the Internet:

Locate Facebook Page ID

While making social modules, WordPress modules and chat widgets for the Facebook page, Messenger stage, and profile ID are compulsory, discovering them isn’t simple. Most plugins are hidden even when custom URLs are utilized. When you sign up for your Facebook account, it allocates your profile with a Facebook page ID number. It will promote you to make your own custom client name, which will show on your Facebook page as a component of your page’s URL address. You will dependably have the capacity to see your Facebook page ID by visiting your Facebook page. Be that as it may, in the event that you have to find Facebook page id, you can utilize a free Facebook application to find what it is. To find a Page ID third-party sites can be used, yet it is time-consuming and tricky. Consequently, here we enroll a straightforward approach to find Facebook Page ID, Profile ID, and Photo ID.

Easy ways to find Facebook Page ID

1. Open Facebook- It’s the blue symbol with a white “F” on your home screen (iPhone/iPad) or in the application drawer (Android).

2. Sign in- In case you’re not already signed in, enter your username and secret password into the spaces and tap login.

3. Go to your Page- To discover it, tap the Search box located at the top of the screen, after that type its name. Tap the right Page when it shows up in the search results.

4. Click About- One just needs to scroll down to discover it.

5. Page ID- Here you can see the unique ID number for your page.

How to Find Facebook Page ID if Profile Picture is Guarded

Facebook has disclosed a couple of strategies to protect your profile picture. In the first method, you will see an alternative to turn on profile picture watch. This alternative comes below your profile photograph. On turning it on, your profile picture will be secured with a shield image. You may discover third-party sites which can get the Facebook ID of a profile, yet being dependent to such site isn’t worthy when you can get the ID within few clicks, also these websites don’t reveal the ID for photographs, collections, and so forth.

How to get Facebook Profile ID?

If you are looking for a Facebook profile ID, it is quite easy to find. There are just a few steps you need to follow and you will easily get the ID for any profile on Facebook.

1. Visit the Profile page of any Facebook profile and right-click on its profile picture.

2. Select the Copy Link Address option from the given set of options.

3. Note that the format of any photo URL on Facebook is “https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=984368188314626&set=a.100698896681564&type=3&source=11&referrer_profile_id=100002243612778”

4. Out of all the parameters that you see, the value of referrer_profile_id is the required id of the facebook user.

5. You may even verify by typing in the given format in the search engine. URL: facebook.com/100002243612778

6. You will be amazed to see that the profile of the personal opens.

Uses of the Facebook Personal Numeric ID

The Graph API is the essential method to get information all through Facebook’s social graph. It’s a low-level HTTP-based API that is utilized to inquiry information, post new stories, transfer photographs and an assortment of different undertakings that an application may need to do.

The Graph API is named after the possibility of a ‘social chart’ – a portrayal of the data on Facebook made out of:

1. Hubs – essentially “things, for example, a User, a Photo, a Page, a Comment

2. Edges – the associations between those “things, for example, a Page’s Photos, or a Photo’s Comments

3. Fields – information about those “things, for example, an individual’s birthday, or the name of a Page

Every hub has one of a kind ID which is utilized to get to it by means of the Graph API. Client speaks to an individual on Facebook. The/{user-id} hub restores a solitary client. Following are the things can be controlled by using graph API.

1. You can decide if two individuals are companions on Facebook, without parsing their whole list of companions.

2. Applications can make new status updates of individuals or Facebook Page id.

3. Applications can distribute and make new photograph collections, and distribute photographs or recordings by means of the Graph API for individuals or Facebook Pages.

4. Applications can share connects to content on different sites in the interest of individuals or Facebook Pages.

5. Facebook Page presents can be planned to go live at a specific time

6. It is conceivable to add some content to the Graph without distributing a news channel or profile story demonstrating that it has been made.

Wrapping Up

Using Facebook has been a dream of every 8 years old. Thus, it is very convenient to make a Facebook Profile by filing up all the required personal details along with Photo Id. Getting Facebook Id has been easier since now you have come to know about all the benefits and uses of Facebook id in detail. Establishing a Facebook Page requires a bit of research and more systematic series of procedure to be followed but that is all worth the complexity as Facebook offers a huge range of amazing features for its users.


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